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How can I easily resize/compress an image to for use in a word document?

Option 1:

Double click on the image. the Format tab will be active.  Look for Compress Pictures tab on top. Click and select the option  you need in the pop up window.

Option 2:

(It is always better to resize the images before importing into word.)

To easily resize an image you you will find and application  Image Resizer for Windows which can be downloaded.

After installation you just right click on the image or images you've selected. Choose the option Resize Pictures and the window will appear to make a selection from.

Open your word document. Go to the insert Tab. Now you go to the object button.

Click on object button and this window will open.


Now scroll down with the slider to select Adobe Acrobat PDF Document or Foxit PDF Reader Document .

Click on OK and the document will be displayed on you page. You can now format the displayed image to compose it on page

Two possible solutions

Option 1. On your printer settings click on Print as Image. It will flatten the layers and print as one instead of hundreds of layers.

Option 2. The long way. Extract the visual on the pdf as an image and then print the image. Software like Nitro Pdf or open source alternative like PDF24 Creator

Option 3.  Sometimes the visual in pdf document have so many layers that on of your pdf viewers want to print it. Then you can capture the image and paste into an image editing program. You need to increase the resolution for the snapshot though if image needs to be printed good quality. In Foxit PDF go to File preference and select Use fixed resolution for snapshot and change the resolution according to what it required.